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Air Conditioning Repair in El Paso

Omega Electrical & Mechanical Repair is your best choice for affordable and highly-reviewed air conditioning repair near you. Our experienced professionals are guaranteed to provide customers with great results at top standards. Additionally, our local facility is highly-reviewed for being trustworthy in executing high-quality air repairs and systems. Experience grade-a and effective air conditioning repairs with us, today! 

High-Quality Air Conditioning Repair Services from Omega

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Air conditioning systems are subject to failure at any time. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your AC unit needs to be completely replaced or thrown to the curb. There might be small parts of your system that may require some fixtures, maintenance, or more. No matter what the case is, minor or major, our contractors are here to provide our customers with the air conditioning repair they need. Our comprehensive air conditioning repair consists of a number of measures we take to ensure that you don’t regularly come into contact with system failure. Providing air conditioning assistance is our honor. 

Air Conditioning Repairs We Provide

Our air conditioning contractors are able to provide flat-rate quotes on all AC repairs before initiating tasks in order to keep customers in the know. Additionally, we will thoroughly inspect the system, assess the problem, and discuss affordable solutions. Our air conditioning repairs consist of the following:

  • Air conditioning replacement and installation
  • Air conditioning tune-up
  • Enhanced indoor air quality 
  • Recharge or de-icing

We are not limited to the repair services mentioned above. We are trained to provide general repair services for any fault your AC unit may have. 

Common AC Repairs

It is essential that customers are aware of some of the common problems that can potentially arise with an air conditioning system. The professionals at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors have been able to assist customers with repairs for the following:

  • Thermostats
  • Breakers or fuses
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Capacitors
  • Evaporator coils
  • Filters
  • Drainage 

If you begin to notice problems, even the most minor, we highly advise that you get in touch with one of our professionals as soon as possible. 

Warning Signs Your AC Might Need a Repair

If you’re speculative about the state in which your air conditioning unit runs, there might be some points of failure prevalent in your system. Some of the major warning signs that indicate the need for air conditioning repair include but are not limited to: 

  • Water leaks
  • Bad odors
  • Long increments for cooling
  • Poor ventilation 
  • Loud, recurring noises 
  • Humidity 

If you have noticed any other issues in your air conditioning system, contact our professionals immediately to assess your situation. 

Benefits of Choosing Us

When you choose Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors to apply repairs to your cooling system, you can expect to experience fewer costs, longer functioning life, improved quality of air, and even more, higher resale value on your home. Our professionals do much more than the bare minimum. In addition to our repairs, we offer friendly service, quick turnaround times, and flawless projects. Choose us that way you don’t have to deal with problems in the long run! 

Warranties & Financing

We offer financing to make payment easier for our customers. Additionally, if your air conditioning fails to work as promised, we have warranties that can cover those expenses. We are glad to come in and reassess your air conditioning unit.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you want to prepare for the harshest weather conditions, we are available to schedule repair or maintenance to ensure that your air conditioning unit is running smoothly. Give us a call today to make an appointment and to enjoy the everlasting benefits of cool air!  

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