Air Conditioning Maintenance in El Paso 

The city of El Paso is infamous for summoning some of the hottest weather imaginable. At Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors, we understand how brutal the El Paso heat can be. It’s crucial for your HVAC system to be in tip-top shape, and we can easily help you achieve this with our top-tier air conditioning services. We have been the Sun City’s leader in refrigerated air maintenance for years on end and we do not aim to stop any time soon. With regular cleaning, diagnostics, and maintenance, you can have your air conditioning running smoothly for decades to come. Allow us to do the dirty work that way you can enjoy cool and fresh air throughout your home! 

Yearly Maintenance Tips

maintenance for AC in el paso
If you want your home to stay cool all season, there are some measures you can take on your behalf to keep your cooling goals intact. Below are a few tips we’ve outlined that are guaranteed to help homeowners reach an optimal level of maintenance for their air conditioning. 

  • Regularly clean the unit
    You can vacuum the fins of your AC unit clean with a soft-bristle brush that way you can clean it without inducing any damage. It is important to keep in mind that the exterior of your AC unit is fragile, so you must clean gently and diligently. Some units require a metal frame to be taken off if you want to clean it.


  • Unclog the drain tubes
    When you begin to notice water puddling around your furnace while your AC runs, this means you have a clogged condensate drain tube. This can contain bacteria that are capable of forming slime, which, in turn, can clog the pan drain tube.


  • Replace the filter when needed
    When you are going to replace your AC’s filter, you must turn off the power. You will then pull out the filter and check for the buildup of dirt and residue. This indicates the need for a new filter.


  • Check the insulation
    You can improve your unit’s productivity and functionality by replacing damaged or worn down insulation surrounding your outdoor AC lines.

Why Is This Important?

You depend on your AC unit to keep you cool and comfortable all year long. But using your AC unit almost every day can cause wear and tear to your system. Regular maintenance and air conditioning services help your system to continue producing and properly distributing cool air at an even and steady pace. 

What Happens If I Don’t Keep Up With Maintenance?

If you fail to conduct yearly maintenance or air conditioning services on your AC unit, it can fail to run at any given time. More specifically, failure to apply regular maintenance can lead to improper functioning of your thermostat, failure to respond, and failure to emit cool air throughout your home. 

Why Choose Us to Convert Your Home to Refrigerated AC?

If you have a swamp cooler or an old evaporative cooler, converting to refrigerated air in El Paso is your best choice before the summer heat kicks in. Older air conditioning units are more susceptible to leaks and they make it much more difficult to cool your house when the heat strikes. Converting to refrigerated air calls for efficiency and the highest quality of cool air possible. Additionally, you can set your thermostat to maintain your desired temperature of cool air throughout your home. 

Contact Us Today to Schedule AC Maintenance

The professionals at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors are always here to help you convert or upgrade your AC unit. Give us a call today to set an appointment that way we can conduct air conditioning maintenance as soon as possible.

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