Heater Installations in El Paso 

As warm as El Paso is during the summer, it’s easy to forget that the winters can be just as harsh. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, getting a head start on installing a heater is your best option. The technicians at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors are equipped with the diligence and reliability you need in order to install high-performing heaters. Furthermore, we install the latest models that way your system can provide you with the warmth you need for years on end. Our professionals are always ready to help. 

Benefits of Getting A New Unit

Heater installation in el paso
When you have a new heater installed, you can expect to experience maximum performance. Another prime feature is that most newer installations are designed to be more efficient, therefore using up less energy. Saving on energy always provides homeowners to be able to cut down on utility bills. Due to the fact that older heaters require more energy to run and perform, they call for more power, thus more expenses, in the end. 

What Does the Installation Process Look Like?

We take very specific measures in order to properly and successfully install your new heater. Our HVAC contractors provide equipment options based on capacity. We then conduct an analysis of your air distribution system, which includes a visual inspection and sizing tests. Once we can conclude that your ductwork is properly functioning, we can finalize the process with a speedy installation. This also includes removing your old furnace accordingly. 

How Long Does It Take?

Typical furnace installations call for approximately four to ten hours, which is a day’s work for our contractors. If you request to have your heater and air conditioning units to be installed at the same time, this could potentially call for more time. We work in our best efforts to ensure that your installation is secure, safe, and ready to use the minute we can launch your heater. 

Why You Should Choose Us for Heater Installation

When you choose the team at Omega Electrical and Mechanical Contractors, we take procedures that can help you and your home meet your heating needs, right away. Our experts understand the source of fuel, connection techniques, and other technical details such as the ductwork and wiring in order to launch the performance of a new heatings system. We treat our customers by taking the tasks upon ourselves. It is our honor to be able to provide our customers with the necessities they need within their homes. 

Warranties & Financing

If your heater fails to work properly right after installation, we can take an in-depth look and provide maintenance with no costs or fees. We offer payment plans for our heater installation services to make the financial toll less on you. From labor to costs, we consider our customers. 

Contact Us Today

If you are in need of professional assistance with installing a new heating unit, we can help. Give us a call to discuss your HVAC needs so we can make an appointment to initiate installation. Let us fulfill your home! 

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