Heater Repair in El Paso

Heaters, much like many other applications, will run into problems and may become faulty over time. With the help of our professionals, you won’t have to tolerate the symptoms of a defective heater. We understand how critical it is to be able to have warm air flowing throughout your home, primarily for the colder seasons. It doesn’t matter what kind of heater you have or how old it is, you can count on the technicians at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors to get your system back and up and running.

Heater Repairs We Provide

heater repair in el paso
Most of our customers run into the same problems with it comes to poorly performing heaters. Whether you only need some parts to be repaired or the entire makeup of your heater, we can assist you. We are equipped with advanced diagnostic tools to conduct repairs for the following: 

  • Old and worn-down heat pumps 
  • Broken heater
  • Furnace breakdowns
  • Heat exchanger
  • Radiators
  • Vents

If there are any problems aside from the ones listed above, you can contact us to learn how we can specifically attend to your heater’s situation. 

Common Heater Problems

Some of the most basic and common problems are known for plaguing residential heating systems. By becoming familiar with what the most common furnace problems are, you can take proactive measures to prevent them. Some common heater problems include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Dirty filters
  • Wear and tear 
  • Malfunctioning pilot control
  • Failure to heat up
  • Frequent cycling 
  • Repetitive loud noises 

Warning Signs Your Heater Might Break

It is crucial that you pay attention to some warning signs that indicate the potential for system failure as gas can leak, which is a threat to you and your family’s wellbeing. Some of the most common signs that show your heater is failing include, but are not limited to:

  • Produces loud noises regularly 
  • Buildup of rust 
  • Regularly malfunctions 
  • Manual start-up 
  • Gas leakage

If your heater has been performing slower or less productive than usual, you can contact us to assess the condition of your system, right away. 

Benefits of Choosing Us

When you choose the professionals at Omega Electrical and Mechanical Contractors, you can expect to save time and money in repairing your heating system. In regards to the technicality of your heating systems, we can help you extend the lifespan of equipment and parts used to generate and circulate heat throughout your home. Furthermore, you can rely on our professionals to conduct flawless and incomparable work. We’ll repair your heating system that way they don’t require regular maintenance in the future. 

Warranties & Financing

Our financing varies based on the services you request, but despite this, our services are rather affordable to work with. We can also offer a warranty for heater and HVAC replacements if they fail to work after installation. 

Schedule an Appointment Today

Here at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors, we aim to be your number one source for HVAC repairs, maintenance, installation, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so that we can attend to your heating needs, immediately.

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