Essential Things to Remember About Your Heating and Cooling this Winter

Essential Things to Remember About Your Heating and Cooling this Winter

model home wrapped in a soft comfortable scarf. There is no appliance that works as hard for you as your heating and cooling unit. Whether you have an all in one HVAC or a swamp cooler and separate furnace, these appliances work year round to keep you and your family comfortable in your own home. In El Paso, our hot desert climate means we usually rely on the cooling aspect of our units most of the year. However, once November rolls around, the chilly nights mean that our cooling units get a break while we turn to our heaters for comfort. Since these units put in a lot of work during the year, it’s important to remember that there are some key maintenance issues to be done every winter in order to keep them going strong.

Bi Yearly Tune Ups

Due to their constant use, professional strongly advise to get your HVAC unit checked out at least twice a year. This way, you can be sure everything runs smoothly and any potential problems can be caught early on. If you have separate heating and cooling units, a professional can not only give them a maintenance check up, but also help you properly shut one off and turn the other one on. Often, we tend to think that just because we watch a video on YouTube we can do anything. Unfortunately, when it comes to your HVAC, it can cause more harm than good. It’s always better to let the professionals handle it.

Switching to Heating in an HVAC

If you have central heating and cooling, switching from one to the other can be as simple as flipping a switch. However, you should always call a professional at the beginning of the cold season to not only check the inner workings of your system, but also to conduct a carbon monoxide test. This test is crucial to ensuring that your heater is working properly and that your family is safe during the cold season.

Separate Heating and Cooling Units

If you have a separate units, such as a swamp cooler and furnace, there are many things you have to remember when shutting one off and turning the other on for the winter. In order to properly shut down your swamp cooler, you have to turn off the water line, drain key components of your unit in order to avoid damage in case of a freeze, and do an all around check to make sure there is nothing out of order that can cause damage during the winter. By trusting a professional to do it, you can be sure they know everything that has to be done without the risk of missing something that will result in a repair come Spring.

Older furnaces can be tricky to turn on and off. Since many use gas, it’s important to be extra cautious in order to be sure your family stays safe during the cold months. Remember, desert climate or no, it does still get cold enough to use your heater continually during the winter months in El Paso. A faulty or improperly turned on furnace can pose a huge, and sometimes fatal, risk to your family. Instead of risking your family, call a professional to make sure everything is done right.

Our Expert Technicians are Waiting to Help

Omega Electrical is dedicated to making sure your HVAC units always run smoothly and safely. We know our way around all kinds of HVACs to ensure that you are always comfortable in your own home. Now that the chilly weather is finally invading El Paso, it’s time to switch to your home’s heater to stay snug and cozy. Contact us for help today!