Air Conditioning Service in El Paso 

Reliable Residential AC Maintenance 

As a local team, Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors understand how essential air conditioning service is throughout the year. El Paso is infamous for its hot summers and year-round warm weather. As such, it’s vital that you schedule an HVAC service to keep it in the best condition. We can take away any worries of it failing when you need it the most. We’ve been fortunate as El Paso’s leader in refrigerated air maintenance for years. With our services, you can have regular cleaning, diagnostics, and maintenance, and know that your air conditioning unit will run smoothly for decades to come. Allow us to do the dirty work so that way you can enjoy cool and fresh air throughout your home!

Our Air Conditioning Services

Over time, the constant use of your AC system will begin to take its toll. A consistent maintenance schedule can help maximize the air conditioning performance, extend the life of your unit, and keep your cooling and heating bills under control. Our team works hard to make sure your HVAC unit is good to go year-round! We know how our desert region can fluctuate between needing the AC for the majority of the as we transition to a few months of needing a good heating system. By scheduling an air conditioning service with us, we can take care of issues before they become emergencies.

Some of the most common air conditioning services we can provide our customers include:

  • Clear tree, brush, and debris near the unit. 
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Replace any HVAC air filters. 
  • Check if there are loose contacts or electric connections. 
  • Ensure motors and bearings are lubricated. 
  • Recharge refrigerant. 
  • Ensure the condensate drain is clear.
  • Look over any parts that are or potentially damaged or worn out. 

Common AC Issues To Know

You depend on your AC unit to keep you cool and comfortable all year long. In our desert heat, you’re probably AC unit every day will cause wear and tear to your system. Regular maintenance and air conditioning services help your system to continue producing and properly distributing cool air at an even and steady pace. One of the best 

Oftentimes the issue will present itself and is easily taken care of by performing maintenance yourself.

To keep your air conditioning service running well throughout the year can be handled by keeping an eye out for the following: 

Changing Air Filters

Over time, your AC filters will collect dust, dirt, and allergens that can begin to decrease their effectiveness and become harmful to your health. Filters should be cleaned or replaced at least once a month. When the filter gets clogged with dust and dirt, it will make your AC work harder to keep the building cool.

Checking for Leaks

If your AC unit is leaking, it could mean a serious problem. The AC could have a refrigerant leak or that the drain tube that removes condensation is blocked or broken. Both of these issues can be easy to spot but take a professional to fix.

Strange Noises and Odors

Any sort of squealing, grating or grinding noises indicate that something needs to get fixed or replaced. If something smells odd, then the wire insulation could have burned out, or there’s mold inside of the AC or in the ductwork.

To make the most out of your air conditioning service, You can also take advantage of requesting refrigerated air conversion to give you the powerful AC that you deserve in our desert. Swamp coolers can only go so far and require more frequent maintenance than refrigerated air. Let us know if you want to learn more about how to convert your HVAC system! 

Our Financing & Warranty Options

When emergencies happen with your commercial HVAC system, we offer our clients convenient payment plans to help ease any financial burdens. Our budget-friendly financing options are subject to credit approval so that you can make the required upgrades or repairs. You can fill out an application form to get started here. Let us know if you have any questions about our financing options. Give us a call today! 

Get The Best, Call Team Omega, Today! 

The professionals at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors are always here to help take care of air conditioning service for your HVAC unit. No matter if you just need simple maintenance or a full-on replacement, our team will take care of you in a timely manner. Give us a call today to set an appointment so that way we can conduct air conditioning maintenance as soon as possible.

A technician performing air conditioning maintenance on a residential unit