HVAC Repairs in Las Cruces, NM

Why You Should Work with Us

Omega Electrical is licensed in both Texas and New Mexico, so we are as reliable as we are experienced. Our specialization in government contracts has helped us expand into New Mexico and help residential and commercial clients with Las Cruces HVAC and electrical needs. We have achieved over 16 years of experience serving the border region with excellent care. 

As a team, we are always on call and ready to help. So no matter what you’re facing, we’ll be able to mobilize within 24 hours and get to work. When it comes to issues regarding a building’s HVAC, electrical, or mechanical components, residential and commercial customers must find complete and concise repair assistance as quickly as possible. Dealing promptly with these types of issues can help avoid disastrous outcomes, from increased energy bills to incredibly unsafe environments.

Stay Comfortable in the New Mexico Weather with Our Help

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment. From gorgeous sunsets to breathtaking mountains, it’s no wonder why Las Cruces has become the second-largest city in New Mexico. If you own a business or a home in New Mexico and you’re in need of electrical or mechanical maintenance, choose Omega Electrical. 

You can choose from any of our fast and effective services, including:

When it comes to dealing with these kinds of issues, it’s essential to select a team you can trust completely for air conditioning service in Las Cruces you can depend on. As neighbors to New Mexico, Omega Electrical is able to offer convenient and complete care for any issue you may be facing with your HVAC in Las Cruces.

New Mexico’s temperature tends to lean towards the colder side. If you live in Northern New Mexico, you might face harsh winters and dry summers. New Mexico’s weather basically forces homeowners to make sure their homes are ready to face whatever the weather throws at them. It’s always best to make sure your home’s components are ready for any heater or air conditioning maintenance in Las Cruces and surrounding areas. If you’re planning ahead or if you just tried to use your heater and discovered a problem, let Omega Electrical help!

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Start helping your home or business by contacting our El Paso electrician team today. We can promise top-level customer service and professional work on all of our HVAC and electrical services. As the neighboring city of El Paso, we know that Las Cruces is family. Remember, when you choose Omega Electrical, you’re teaming up with a reliable HVAC contractor company that has your best interest in mind, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Speak with an Omega electrician in El Paso online or by calling (915) 855-6868 to learn more about our Las Cruces air conditioning service.