Swamp Cooler Service in El Paso

A swamp cooler is a common name for evaporative coolers. Often used in desert regions, a swamp cooler in El Paso can help alleviate the fairly dry climate the Southwest has year-round. These units work by pushing moist air through the ductwork and across your home to cool down the indoor temperature. They’re also cost-effective, simple to maintain, and easy to perform regular maintenance on. However, an El Paso swamp cooler will rely on the outside air to cool the inside of the home or building. This can cause some problems when humidity levels are higher than usual and even with common allergies. Omega Electrical can help convert your swamp cooler to a high-quality refrigerated air cooler at any time! 

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Common Swamp Cooler Pros and Problems

A swamp cooler in El Paso has been the standard for residents for a long time. Not only did they once make a difference in our climate, but their cost-effectiveness and simple-to-maintain parts made them simple to choose. However, as our yearly temperatures rise, a swamp cooler doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to comfortable temperatures. If it goes out, your home could rise to almost equal temperatures outside and will take hours before it begins to cool down again. 


  • It helps cool air in dry climates 
  • Adds moisture to dry air 
  • High energy efficiency
  • Overall environmentally friendly
  • Less CO2 emission 
  • Easy installation for window or direct air units 
  • Overall fewer costs to run and maintain 
  • Low noise
  • No chemicals 


  • It cannot be used in humid areas 
  • Repairs are more frequent
  • Wear and tear is more common
  • Does not lower temperature as much as AC 
  • Requires regular water source 
  • Requires daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance

Choosing Omega Electrical for Your AC Conversion 

If you’re looking to upgrade your HVAC system with El Paso air conditioning repair or maintenance, we can take care of all swamp cooler conversions. Keeping your home updated will help your health and the overall value of your property. If you have any questions, give us a call. With the help of our skilled technicians, Omega Electrical can convert one unit to another for a fairly quick and easy process. We have options to suit every client and offer special financing for all of our installations and conversion. Our El Paso electrician team will also provide the appropriate guidance so you’ll have the most comfortable indoor temperature, all year long!

Stay Cool and Get Out of the Swamp Today!

When you’re ready to convert your swamp cooler for more cool, refrigerated air in El Paso, give us a call! We want you to have the best comfort and efficiency for your home or business. We can answer any questions you may have about converting and show you various units to choose from. We also offer financing options for all of our clients. Anytime you need electrical work, AC repair, or maintenance, you can rely on the professionals here at Omega Electric! 

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