Switch to Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Switch to Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Asian girl in front of fan, thinking about calling air conditioning services to beat the heat. Trying to beat the heat in El Paso is tough. It can feel like a constant fight in your home. Between fans, cold water and lots of ice, it can still seem like your home has become an oven. The fact that humidity is beginning to rise in the area only makes it worse. Refrigerated air is a great option to help you stay cool during the summer. Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors can help you make the switch to refrigerated air conditioning. For this type of heat, there is no better option for your home.

Better Cooling

Refrigerated air conditioning is superior in cooling to swamp coolers. For one, a refrigerated unit does not have reduced cooling due to humidity. Swamp coolers take the outside air and run it through wet pads. This is what cools it down. But if the humidity is too high, the swamp cooler will end up feeling more like a fan. In addition, the cooler will stay on for longer periods because the house will not really cool down. This can make you bill so much higher than you need it to be.

Ease of Care

Caring for refrigerated air conditioning units is usually pretty easy. For one, they are largely self-sustaining as they do not require a technician to change from cool to heat. Instead, you just need to flip a switch in your home. Many of these units also come with warning systems to let you know if something is going wrong. Catching a problem before it becomes a huge issue is easier with a refrigerated unit. When you have a quality company install a refrigerated air unit, you are taking steps to care for your family.

Increases Home Value

Living in a desert makes refrigerated air conditioning a huge selling point for any home. The comfort that comes from them will always be more attractive than a swamp cooler. Imagine not having to worry about the temperature in your home? Coming home after a long hot day, and being greeted by fresh air is the best feeling in the world. This idea will increase the value of your home to buyers, and to your property value.

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With temperatures hitting triple digits during an El Paso summer, you need a way to beat the heat. If you are thinking of getting refrigerated air conditioning in your home, then you need Omega Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. Contact us today for a quote.