Signs of Defective Electrical Wiring in Your Home 

Signs of Defective Electrical Wiring in Your Home 


Outlet and plug catch on fire due to neglect from a home owner

One of the biggest threats to any home is defective electrical wiring, which accounts for thousands of fires in the U.S each year. Most people see the signs beforehand, but don’t know that they are in grave danger. Here at Omega Electric, we want to inform our customers and readers on some of the signs of faulty wiring, as well as give you a few tips on how to prevent a catastrophic fire in your home. 

Flickering lights

Everyone has seen flickering lights in a horror movie, and we all know that usually spells trouble for our main character. But did you know that flickering lights can also be a sign of a hidden danger in real life too? Often, dimming lights can be caused by a major appliance drawing power on the same circuit, which isn’t efficient and can lead to problems with the wiring system if left unchecked. Don’t let your home have a horror movie ending—call in one of our electricians to take a look at the circuit if you see chronic flickering. 

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Another sign of defective wiring can be hearing a buzzing sound in your walls or near your sockets. Electricity should make no noise as it moves throughout your home, but hearing a buzzing sound can mean there’s something wrong with an outlet or your wires themselves. Frayed wires in particular can be a culprit of that sound, and all it takes is for the wiring to be exposed to something flammable to cause major damage to your home.

Warm or Hot Outlets 

An outlet that’s hot to the touch is never a good thing, and should be addressed as soon as possible. Being slightly warm may be O.K, but an outlet that is very warm or hot may be a sign of erroneous wiring. If you spot this, be sure to unplug your appliance immediately, as this can cause a fire near the outlet. Wait until one of our electricians can take a look at the outlet before using it again. 

Smoking or Sparking

If you see smoking or sparking from an outlet, breaker, or from some of your wiring, it can mean that a potential fire is just waiting to happen. Frequent sparking from an outlet or fuse box means you need to call an electrician immediately, especially if you notice burn marks or smoking from the point of sparking. Never allow this sign to go unaddressed, because it can be the surest sign yet that your home and the people inside may be in danger. Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our expert electricians!