Trusting Expert Commercial Electricians For Your Business

Trusting Expert Commercial Electricians For Your Business

Electrician assembling industrial control cubicle in workshop.

In commercial environments, electrical elements can be vastly more intricate and complicated than in a residential setting. 

Heavy machinery, complex layouts, and larger power outputs necessitate more complex electrical layouts. Each industry has it’s own needs as well, so finding the best ways to structure the electrical systems is crucial for efficiency and safety.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss why you should only trust the best with your commercial electricity needs. 

Residential vs. Commercial Electricity 

Residential homes have a number of differences to more commercial settings. The main difference you’ll encounter is the voltage. Residential homes use single-phase power supplies of either 120 or 240 volts. Single-phase simply means that a single AC current is supplied through one wire. 

Commercial electricians use a three-phase system, which means that three wires are used to carry voltage. Each wire is called a “leg”, with two carrying a smaller voltage and one carrying a larger voltage. Each wire has a lighter workload overall in this system as opposed to the single-phase system. 

Exposure and Wiring

Generally, when you visit a residential home, you won’t see a bunch of wires all over the place. Residential electricians put wires behind walls and in ceilings to protect homeowners and minimize exposure.

Commercial settings will have more exposed wiring, for easier access. Since these systems may need to be checked and adjusted more often, it’s important to have them in a place were electricians can get to them easily. 

Trusting Omega To Get The Job Done

As you can probably tell, commercial electrical work is no joke. Trust the proven name in electrical and mechanical engineering—call Omega today!