5 Common HVAC Duct Problems to be Aware Of

5 Common HVAC Duct Problems to be Aware Of

If you are experiencing any problems with your heating or cooling in your home, one of the first things you should look at is your ductwork. Ducts are responsible for more than homeowners may give them credit when it comes to their air quality! Because of this, it is important to give ducts as much attention as any other component of your HVAC unit. With that being said, we run through some common problems homeowners experience with their HVAC so you can keep an eye out!

Buildup of Dirt and Debris  

The most common of all, dust and germs circulate through your home often due to a collection of dirt and debris within your home’s ducts. You can easily improve the quality of your home’s air conditioning by cleaning the ducts. This can also help your unit run more efficiently. 

Poor Duct Design 

Poor duct design is a major problem because this can cause smaller problems with your HVAC unit. A duct is responsible for transferring air from one point to another. If ductwork is poorly designed, it can lead to inefficient heating and cooling in your home, ultimately leading to an increase in your utility bill. 

Leaking Ductwork 

Depending on how your air conditioning was designed, you may find early warning signs of leakage. Improper design can affect the heating, cooling, and of course, lead to leaks. This happens when ductwork is loose or becomes disconnected, causing air to leak into open space, affecting your overall indoor air quality. 

Poor Insulation 

Leaks are often the result of poorly insulated ductwork. With that, heated and cooled air can easily escape, making your unit work harder to properly heat or cool your home. It is necessary to keep all ductwork properly insulated or replace old, worn-out insulation to prevent these issues. 

Poorly Sealed Registers and Grills

A register in an HVAC unit is a grille that is made to open and close accordingly to direct airflow. A poorly sealed register can lead to several problems with your heating and cooling. If the duct fails to fully close, air can be distributed into areas where it is not meant to go. This could also make your unit work harder, ultimately wearing it out and shortening its lifespan. 

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