What is Refrigerated Air, and Why is it Important?

What is Refrigerated Air, and Why is it Important?

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If you live in El Paso, you are no stranger to how uncomfortable the hot weather can get. In this state, air conditioning is our best friend. This is why refrigerated air is essential. We will discuss what refrigerated air is and why having it in your El Paso property is essential.

Before summertime hits, ensure you get your home converted to refrigerated air by contacting Omega Electrical & Mechanical. If you need an affordable and reliable conversion, we’re your company. Contact us online or call (915)-855-6868 today!

Refrigerated Air Defined

Refrigerated air is a cooling system that transfers heat from inside a building or home to outside. It provides a more comfortable and controlled climate indoors. Unlike heavy-duty swamp coolers, refrigerated air is more energy efficient and can last much longer. Another perk of converting to refrigerated air is that since it’s a fairly simple device, there’s no need to worry about system failures or mechanical issues. 

Here at Omega Electrical & Mechanical, we believe the three main benefits of converting to a refrigerated air system are that they are energy efficient, increase air quality, and improve ventilation. 

  • Energy Efficiency- You have more control over the energy being used. Rather than traditional cooling units, a refrigerated air system cools down an entire building rather than a single room. The cooling output can be programmed to adjust to the temperature automatically to avoid wasting energy. 


  • Increased Air Quality- When living in El Paso, air quality is very important. Unlike swamp coolers that emit unpleasant odors, refrigerated air helps your home or building have a much healthier breath of fresh air. Another reason refrigerated air is a better option for air quality is that it’s less harmful to people who have health issues. Traditional cooling units can develop mold and rust, which can become hazardous to people with breathing sensitivities. 


  • Improved Ventilation- Because the fresh air is pumped into your home, the distribution of cool air is spread out better. There is no need to worry if one room is being cooled down more than the other. 

Refrigerated Air Conversion

If you’re looking to convert to a refrigerated air system, Omega Electrical & Mechanical is the company to work with. Regardless of whether a different company installed the previous system, we can apply the new unit with ease. Not only can we convert systems to run on refrigerated air, but we can also deliver maintenance and repair services to keep your unit operational. 

The timeframe of installation solely depends on the size of the unit. However, typically the installation is about three days. Over those few days, our technicians will change out the swamp cooler, work on any necessary changes to the ductwork, and then install the new refrigerated air unit. We always make sure to have your unit installed in a timely manner to get your home the cooldown it needs. 

To get a free estimate on a refrigerated air installation, contact us online or call (915)-855-6868 today!