5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System: Insights From Contractors

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System: Insights From Contractors

An El Paso HVAC contractor fixing an outdoor HVAC unit in El Paso.

With summer already upon us, there’s a good chance you’ve fired up your air conditioner at least once. If you did and you feel like something doesn’t sound quite right, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain some of the best ways for those without HVAC experience to know whether or not it’s time to replace their system. We’ll also discuss which HVAC contractor to contact when replacement time comes and you don’t know who to call. 

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Unusually High Utility Bills 

The first sign that your HVAC system is nearing its end is if you have unusually high energy bills. While inflation and other appliances can contribute to rising utility costs, your HVAC system plays the most prominent role. 

An easy way to determine if your rising energy costs are because of your aging HVAC system is to look at your energy bills during the spring and fall months versus the winter and summer ones. If they’re substantially higher this year and last year during times of peak HVAC usage than they used to be, there’s a good chance that your system is to blame. 

Inadequate or Uneven Airflow 

Another prominent sign that your HVAC system might need to get replaced by an El Paso HVAC contractor is if you have airflow issues in your home or business. If some rooms get more airflow than others or there are general fluctuations, it may be time to replace your HVAC system. 

Strange Noises or Smells Coming From Your AC 

Aside from a slight hum, your AC and furnace should make very little noise while they’re running. Therefore, if you notice strange noises or smells coming from your system, there’s a good chance one or more components need to be replaced. 

Your HVAC System is More Than 20 Years Old

Any experienced HVAC contractor in El Paso will tell you that the average lifespan of an HVAC system is around 20 years. Therefore, if your system is older than 20 years and is starting to show signs of trouble, you should consider replacing it preemptively. 

Constant Repairs 

Last but certainly not least, if it feels like your HVAC contractor is becoming part of the family, it’s probably time to replace your HVAC system. Repair bills can add up quickly, and you might be at the point where it’s actually cheaper to replace your system than it is to keep fixing it. 

To determine this, take a look at your receipts and add up how much you’ve paid in repair bills over the past year. If it’s half or even a quarter of the cost of a new system, it’s replacement time. This is especially true if your system meets any of the other requirements listed above. 

Choose an Experienced HVAC Contractor to Replace Your System

If it’s time to replace your HVAC system, Omega Electrical & Mechanical Engineering is here to help. We’re a top HVAC contractor in the El Paso area, and we can replace your current system with a new and improved one in a single day! Call (915) 855-6868 to get started.