They are in and out right away…Replaced and repaired the circuits in my breaker box and installed my new AC unit just perfectly. Omega has everything working correctly now. They know what they’re doing.

For years we have had Omega do Jordan Foster’s electrical work on joint projects. I strongly recommend them as an excellent electrical contractor and for their skills as electricians.

We had our home remodeled recently and had Omega do all the electrical work. They basically built the entire system. They put in everything, including the new wiring, panel, outlets, fixtures…you name it. And they were very clean in their work, and quickly responded to anything we needed. They’re great communicators, and the owner is Awesome!

When we moved into this building apparently the electrical system had some SERIOUS bugs! We ended up having an electrical fire caused by poor wiring of our AC unit and an LED sign. Omega came in and rewired and repaired everything. They did a great job, and we’ve had no problems since. I highly recommend them and their work. Eddie Vasquez -EDS Supplements

They did a great job removing the old system and installing the new one, and they left everything neat and clean.

With the conversion I had done at the beginning of the season to refrigerated AC, my home feels SO comfortable, and I love it! They did a great job setting up my new system.

I have definitely noticed my electric bills are lower now that I have had a year with the solar panels Omega installed for me. They were very nice and professional when they installed the panels, and even fixed a roof leak on my one-year-old house at no extra charge. They care, and they do great work!

I discovered Omega last July when looking for a new refrigerated AC system on the internet. I came across Omega’s reviews and was extremely impressed with what I saw. And then I had them install my new York AC unit. It runs great! And the service has been awesome afterwards too. They came out right away when an issue came up this last year, and fixed it right away.

This is a perfect mix of skills…They have installed the HVAC units at both my home and business. And they have worked on circuit boards and a capacitor for me as well. They didn’t have to call a separate electrician when installing my Ruud refrigerated AC units…They ARE the electrician and HVAC experts!

They are very reliable and do good work. We have had them do many HVAC and electrical repairs for us in the past. So we are having them install all the electical wiring and components in a major commercial center we are building on the east side. Call them, you can’t go wrong with Omega…a good solid company.

My house feels REALLY AWESOME now. They gave me the best price, as I was calling a lot of different HVAC companies. And it’s so much more comfortable.

Omega just converted one of our rental properties to refrigerated AC, and the renters just LOVE it! And when the work and installation were done, they were very neat and clean, and that’s much appreciated.

I give the a 10 all the way around. My home feels much more comfortable with the refrigerated air, and I am telling ALL my friends about Omega!