Lightning Storm Myths Debunked

Lightning Storm Myths Debunked

lightning strikes at sunset with a background of electrical postsDo you remember being a kid watching your grandma go through the house covering all your mirrors during lightning storms? Or maybe you’re family has other superstitions that “protect” you during a lightning storm. Unfortunately, they don’t really hold up to modern science. At Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors, our electrical contractors know which myths need immediate debunking.

A Few Myths Debunked

Lightning Never Strikes in the Same Place Twice.
Wrong. The Empire State Building is perfect evidence. A 1,454 foot skyscraper with a metal rod pointing at the sky is pretty much asking for it. The building is hit dozens to hundreds of times a year. The age old saying just doesn’t hold true when it comes to this iconic landmark.

When You Are in a Car the Rubber Tires Protect It From Lightning.
Not true. While a car is a relatively safe place to go during a lightning storm, the couple of inches of rubber isn’t the safety mechanism. You are actually safe because you are covered on all four sides.

Laying Flat on the Ground Will Save You.
Don’t do it. If you find yourself trapped outdoors during a lightning storm, most electrical contractors would not recommend you lay flat on the floor. Experts actual recommend a specific stance called the lightning crouch. You should squat all the way down, place your feet together, put your head down by your knees, and cover your ears.

Going Indoors During a Storm Means You are Completely Safe.
Nope. While being inside a building is much better than a car or caught in the elements, it still doesn’t mean you are 100 percent safe. While your electrical contractor may have done a great job of installing all the electrical work, it is still best to stay away from appliances. In fact, it is a good idea to unplug costly electrical devices even if they are plugged into a surge protector.

Our Experts Know Their Stuff

While the electrical contractors at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors may not know it all when it comes to lightning storms, they know everything needed to properly conduct all of your electrical and HVAC work. If you are in need of remodel work or even new installation, our team will provide the top-notch service you are looking for. While you may not be 100 percent safe from a lightning storm, you can rest easy knowing you are safe from any electrical dangers when your home is wired by our experts. Contact us today to set up a free appointment.