Converting to Refrigerated Air: Common Questions

Converting to Refrigerated Air: Common Questions

If you are contemplating converting to refrigerated air it is a much easier process than you think. Not only that, a refrigerated air conditioner will leave your home feeling fresh without the many inconveniences of a swamp cooler. Of course, before any homeowner decides to make the switch, they usually have several questions. At Omega Electrical, we have answers for some of those frequent questions here.

Is Refrigerated Air Better Than Swamp Coolers?

There are many homeowners that will stick to the their highly regarded love for swamp coolers. Most people like them so much because they are relatively inexpensive to replace. However, because they run on such simple system they tend to break down often. Not only that, the water pads that these coolers use can range between 70 and 150 dollars. They need to be replaced on a yearly basis for optimal performance.

When it comes to refrigerated air, you don’t have to replace pads and there is no need to leave windows open. A refrigerated air system works best when all your windows and doors are closed. They don’t pull air in from outside like a swamp cooler so refrigerated air tends to be a better system for those that suffer from allergies.

What if My Ductwork is Old?

In the majority of cases the old ductwork is good enough to support a refrigerated air cooler. Ductwork would have to be extremely deteriorated not to work when converting to refrigerated air. Not only that, our experts have the experience switching out systems. They can evaluate your current ductwork and come up with a solution if necessary.

How Will I Know Which AC to Choose When Converting to Refrigerated Air?

Choosing the right refrigerated system is a big decision. The good news is, you don’t have to make the decision alone. Our experts will look over your ductwork and current swamp cooler and let you know what brand and size are best for the size of your home. They will take the time to explain everything to you before you make a decision on the conversion.

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