4 Science-Backed Reasons You Should Convert to Refrigerated Air

4 Science-Backed Reasons You Should Convert to Refrigerated Air

woman in front of a fan thinking about switching to refrigerated airScience holds the answers to a better future, and that better future includes refrigerated air. Refrigerated air presents us the opportunity to effectively cool our homes without killing the environment to do so. Refrigerated air conditioning is the future of AC. At Omega Electrical, we can help you convert today! Here are four science-backed reasons why you should take the leap and convert.

Reason #1: Good for the Environment

Refrigerated air conditioning is good for the environment because it helps you save energy. It takes less to cool your home and it keeps it consistently cool. Plus, it uses a safe chemical called Freon to cool your home, which also helps to make it more efficient.

Reason #2: Mechanically More Efficient

There’s a common misconception that refrigerated air conditioning units don’t need maintenance. While this is false, it derives from a truth: refrigerated AC is more efficient than evaporative coolers. Since refrigerated air doesn’t rely on the temperature or outside environment, contrary to swamp coolers, it can continuously cool your home with no problem, making it more efficient and usually requiring less maintenance.

Reason #3: Better Engineered

Another reason why they’re more efficient and require less maintenance than swamp coolers is because they’re better engineered. The science and engineering that goes into refrigerated air is more advanced than what goes into swamp coolers. This helps them to break down less often and require maintenance less frequently. It is recommended that you still have maintenance done to your refrigerated AC unit, though, so you can ensure it stays up and running for years to come.

Reason #4: More Customer Satisfaction

So while this is based more on data collection than science, customer surveys and reviews all support the hypothesis that customers are more satisfied with refrigerated air than with a swamp cooler. Refrigerated air is the future and at Omega Electrical Contractors, we’re dedicated to helping people be happier with the environment of their home, including through refrigerated air installations.

Other Benefits

Other great things about refrigerated air conditioning units is that you don’t have to worry about turning it off for the winter and on again for the summer, it keeps the air in your home cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about being hot on humid days.

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