Right Now is the Perfect Time to Convert Your HVAC

Right Now is the Perfect Time to Convert Your HVAC

digital thermostat on a white wallThere is a chill in the air as the cool weather descends upon the Sun City. The last thing on your mind as you enjoy your pumpkin spice latte and start taking those winter clothes out of storage is refrigerated air. Autumn is in full effect, and although El Paso starts its cold season much later due to our desert climate, the cold nights already make your home feel plenty cool. As a homeowner, you are probably more concerned about turning on your furnace than converting to refrigerated air. However, did you know that there are plenty of reasons to consider converting your HVAC now rather than later? Here are some reasons why.

Take Advantage of the Weather

We are lucky that El Paso has pretty mild weather through most of the fall and winter seasons (though, of course, there are those really cold days in December and January). When you think about it, right now is an ideal time to schedule converting to refrigerated air. One, it’s the off season for most HVAC companies, so you won’t have to wait for an opening. Two, the workers installing your new unit won’t have to work in the triple digit temperatures that happen during El Paso summer. Three, your home won’t feel too cold or too hot while your temperature control is being converted. Everybody wins.

Change From Cooling to Heating with a Simple Switch

When it comes to upgrading your HVAC, you’d be surprised what these units are capable of. If you’ve been stuck with your old swamp cooler and old furnace, you are going to be surprised. Many new units can now control both your heating and cooling! Central air units are capable of doing both, so when the seasons change all you have to do is change your filters and flip a switch. Not to mention that in El Paso, we can still get 80 degree days in November! How awful is it no being able to cool down because your swamp cooler is already off for the winter?

Reduce Allergens in Your Home

El Paso is a dusty city. Being a desert city, it can’t be helped. However, a swamp cooler requires you to have a window cracked or a door open to work optimally. That means you are letting in dust and other pollutants from outside into your home in order to cool it efficiently. In addition, a swamp cooler is designed to pull in air from the outside and cools it with water, which can easily be a breeding ground for mold and mildew if you aren’t careful. Converting to refrigerated air means that you can close the windows and doors against the assault of dust and other outside allergens that can plague your family. These units also cool air with Freon instead of water, which is great news for your water bill and bad news for mold and mildew!

Omega Electrical is Ready to Help

If you are ready to reap all the benefits that converting to refrigerated air brings, Omega Electrical has the professionals to help you do it right. We can help evaluate your home, choose the right unit, and install it efficiently and effectively. Let us help you stay comfortable all year long. Contact us today to make your appointment!