The Truth About Converting to Refrigerated Air

The Truth About Converting to Refrigerated Air

happy young couple at new house front door welcoming peopleAs with any new advancement in society, what’s old is left in the past while what’s new quickly overtakes the vacancy. Smartphones have quickly taken over home phones and landlines, for instance. This forward advancement is proof that we, as a society, are changing for the better with each passing year. Not all advancements are as obvious or apparent as the shift from home phones to smartphones, though. Take into consideration refrigerated air. This is by far the best way to keep a home or place of business cool throughout the day. If you’re on the fence about converting to refrigerated air, Omega Electrical and Mechanical can help.

The Many Benefits of Refrigerated Air

The reason so many people are converting to refrigerated air isn’t for one specific reason or another. In fact, refrigerated air yields so many positive benefits that the decision to switch is basically a no-brainer. Regardless, we can still outline a few of the best reasons to switch. If you have a swamp cooler at home, the conversion can be quick and easy. This is because the refrigerated air unit will be able to make use of the ducts that are already within your home! So, let’s get down to the important parts, what makes refrigerated air so great? When it comes down to it, the benefits can be split up into two groups: less and more.

1.) Less Maintenance

Swamp coolers, as you may or may not know, require a lot of maintenance and upkeep in order to keep working efficiently. Refrigerated air units take all the guesswork and upkeep out of home comfort. Instead of making sure the unit has the right amount of humidity to work efficiently, you will be able to push a button and feel the cool breeze almost instantly! Less maintenance also means more savings, since you won’t have to keep calling the air conditioning repair team every few months to maintain your swamp cooler! In most cases, refrigerated air units only require a yearly check up.

2.) Fewer Allergens

On top of requiring less maintenance, refrigerated air units are also more hypoallergenic. Swamp coolers require moisture to work. Moisture is also required for mold to grow. By the transitive property, your swamp cooler could very likely be spewing mold spores into your home. Refrigerated air doesn’t require moisture to work so you’ll be able to rest easy without fear of you home becoming an unhealthy place in which to live.

3.) More Efficient

Above all else, you may notice just how efficient your home’s refrigerated air unit truly is. You’ll be able to have a more complete comfort level in your home while saving money year round due to less energy waste. There’s truly no better way to keep a home comfortable than why refrigerated air. If you’re considering converting to refrigerated air, we can help. Contact Omega Electrical and Mechanical today to learn more!