Common Issues with Heating and Cooling Systems: The Winter Edition

Common Issues with Heating and Cooling Systems: The Winter Edition

piggy bank wrapped in a gray scarfWinter is finally here, and with it comes the cold weather. Luckily, you decided to get your heating and cooling system set up for the winter early this year, which means all you have to do is flick a switch. Until you flick the switch and nothing happens. Or your heater turns on but makes a funny noise when it does. This can put a real damper on the whole season, and the holidays. How can you host your family to a night of holiday cheer if they are too busy trying to keep warm? If your heating and cooling system is acting up this winter, it can be a couple of things. However, while that YouTube tutorial made it look easy, repairing your system should be left to professionals in order to avoid making it worse.

Common Heating Issues

While every system is different, there are usually a couple of go-tos that every repairman will check first when it comes to a faulty heating system. Some of them are an easy fix, and easy to avoid, while others require specialized knowledge in order to get that hot air flowing again. Here are some examples.

Heater Keeps Turning Off and On

If your heater is continuously turning off and on, it can mean bad news for those little parts that make up your system. It can cause serious wear and tear to your system, not to mention being extremely energy inefficient. Your energy bills can soar, and your furnace parts will take a beating. This issue is often caused by dirty or clogged filters. Avoid this problem by making sure they are cleaned or changed regularly.

Uneven Airflow and Temperature

There is nothing worse than going from a cozy room to another and finding that the temperature is not what you expected. That can be said about a freezing room or a room that feels like an inferno. The whole point of a heating and cooling system is to ensure that your entire home is temperature controlled. If you are experiencing temperature deviations from room to room, it could be caused by uneven airflow. This can be caused, again, by dirty or clogged filters. However, it can also mean you are due for a good air duct cleaning. Either way, the best thing to do is call a professional to check it out.

The Air Is Not Heated

Did you turn on your heater only to find that it is not blowing out hot air? The likely culprit in this scenario is a malfunctioning heat pump, compressor, or a sneaky leak in your duct system. The fix can be as simple as making sure your heat pump isn’t covered in frost, which would definitely prevent it from doing its job. However, there are other reasons why your heat pump can malfunction, and only a professional will be able to fix it properly.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

This particular problem is one that you need to be very aware of. A carbon monoxide leak can lead to many health problems and death. These leaks usually happen due to a cracked heater exchanger within the heater itself. This is why it is crucial to have a proper HVAC technician inspect your unit at the beginning of the season. If they detect a cracked or damaged heater exchanger, they can repair or replace it to ensure your family’s safety this winter. Make sure your home has carbon monoxide detectors as well in order to monitor your home for this deadly gas. It is odorless and colorless, which is why it is dubbed “the silent killer”.

Trust Omega Electrical With Your Heating and Cooling Needs

This winter, our technicians are ready to help keep your family safe and comfortable. If you need your heater checked out now that the cold weather is here, or you have a particular issue that needs repair, you can trust we know how to deal with it quickly and efficiently. Let’s stay warm this winter- contact us today!