Keeping Your Home Comfortable This Holiday Season

Keeping Your Home Comfortable This Holiday Season

Crop shot of people's feet in red-and-white socks sitting together against Christmas-tree.The holidays are here, which means you may be expecting guests in your home for a period of time. While it may not be as cold in El Paso as it is in other areas of the country, it can be cold for us, which means our heating and cooling systems have their work cut out for them. So what happens when your heating system is heating one room too much and another not enough? There are plenty of instances where homes have uneven heating- but your heating and cooling system is supposed to be an equal opportunity temperature control. How will you guarantee your guests’ comfort? The answer isn’t an open window- it’s calling the professionals at Omega Electrical.

Reasons for Uneven Heating

When it comes to uneven temperatures in your home, there is going to be some of that happening naturally, especially in homes with multiple levels. Cool air falls and heat rises, so the higher levels of a home may become warmer faster. However, if there is a significant change between one room and another, there is probably a cause that needs to be looked at, by you or a professional. While some may be an easy fix for yourself, most of the time it’s better to call a professional in order to prevent causing further damage.

Blocked Vents or Registers: Sometimes the reason has nothing to do with your heating and cooling system- it is as simple as a blocked vent or register. Once you move whatever is blocking it, the air can circulate more readily, heating or cooling that room the way it should.

Keep Your Vents Clean: Your vents can easily become clogged with everyday dust and other allergens that can build up in the framework. An easy way to keep them clean is to vacuum them once a month. Just put on your vacuum long extension and give it some good sweeps. This will also keep the pollutants and allergens blowing through your heating and cooling system at a minimum.

Problems in Ductwork: Unfortunately, sometimes the cause of your problem is in definite need of professional help. Ductwork is what allows your heating and cooling system to circulate air throughout your home. If there is a blockage or a leak, it will definitely result in uneven temperature. Only a professional can diagnose the problem and find where your blockage or leak is within the network. Once it is located, they will be able to fix it professionally without the danger of causing more damage.

Call Omega Electrical for Help Today

This holiday season, make sure all your guests are comfortable and happy in your home. Our professionals are standing by to make sure your heating and cooling system can handle the holidays. Contact us today!