The Benefits of Refrigerated Air

The Benefits of Refrigerated Air

Side view of a happy couple breathing and resting lying in a couch at home with a window in the backgroundMaking the switch to refrigerated air is a big decision. This is actually a bit of a home remodel depending on what the current air conditioning situation is. That being said, many people in El Paso are still making the choice to convert from evaporative air, also known as swamp coolers. This is because refrigerated AC units offer a wealth of benefits for homeowners.

Better Quality of Air

What people love most about refrigerated air is the improved quality of air. Swamp coolers pull air into the house from outdoors. This air is pushed through wet pads that create the cooling effect. Refrigerated AC units do not use air from outdoors to cool the house. This is great news for those that suffer from allergies. When spring rolls around you don’t have to worry about flipping on the AC and filling your house with allergens. The refrigerated unit does not require you to leave windows and doors cracked either which can add to the quality of air in your home.

More Efficient and Effective Cooling

Many homeowners in El Paso appreciate the efficiency and effective cooling of refrigerated units. It is great to be able to set your thermostat to the desired temperature and then leave it alone. The home stays a comfortable temperature, day and night, with little effort. Unlike swamp coolers, refrigerated units work just fine on humid days. This is because they use refrigerant and not water to cool the air in your home.

Low Maintenance Air Conditioning

Refrigerated air units are extremely low maintenance compared to swamp coolers. There is little need to winterize your home and then switch back again when spring arrives. A refrigerated unit contains both heating and cooling systems which offers even more convenience.

Added Value

If you intent on selling your home in the future refrigerated air is a big attraction for prospective buyers. When home buyers are in the market for a home they take into account many factors. They look at deciding factors when comparing two homes for sale. In this case offering refrigerated conditioning is a major plus.

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