The Trouble With Swamp Coolers

The Trouble With Swamp Coolers

woman enduring hot temperatures with a thermometer next to herAs the hot weather in El Paso creeps closer you may be dreading switching on that swamp cooler again. Perhaps it’s the expensive pads or the endless maintenance that you are not looking forward to. If you are considering making the move to refrigerated air you are on the right track. With affordable financing options, great installation services and a wealth of benefits, you can’t go wrong.

Swamp Cooler Troubles

Many people in El Paso are transitioning away from swamp coolers (also known as evaporative coolers) for several reasons. First of all, these AC units tend to work less efficiently in humid weather. With the sky is full of clouds and the summer days get rainy these coolers simply don’t provide cool air in the home. These coolers also require several doors and windows to remained cracked for efficient functioning. Not only that, every year or so they require new cooling pads. Swamp coolers run on a rudimentary system so they tend to require more maintenance than refrigerated air conditioners.

The Benefits of Refrigerated Air

A lot of people that make the switch to refrigerated love the improved quality of air in their homes. Because refrigerated AC units do not pull air into the house from outside like evaporative coolers, the air quality is better. This is great news for anyone in your family that suffers from seasonal allergies. You can expect less pollen and dust in your home. Not only that, refrigerated air units don’t use water to cool the home but refrigerant. This means that there is no trouble with running these AC units in humid weather.

An Easy Transition

Too many people continue to struggle with their swamp coolers because they think that switching to refrigerated air is too much of a hassle. However, this simply isn’t the case. More often than not, the same ductwork can sustain a refrigerated unit. Not only that, the new unit sits on the side of the home instead of the roof. Installation normally takes no more than a day or two to complete.

Make the Switch Today

With the weather soon heating up there is no better time to make the switch. If you are interested in changing over to a refrigerated AC be sure to give us a call at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors LLC. Our technician can run a full inspection and advise you on the right unit for your house. We offer prompt, reliable service.