Why Get Heater Maintenance Done NOW

Why Get Heater Maintenance Done NOW

Technician is checking air conditioner and heater maintenance ,measuring equipment for filling air conditioners.

It’s nearing the end of warmer months and getting closer to some colder weather. As we transition into the winter months, it’s time to make sure that your systems are ready. Turning off your air conditioner and switching to your heating system without proper maintenance can lead to problems later. Keeping up with yearly check-ups and small heater maintenance will help your systems last longer. Omega Electrical has continued to help El Paso residents keep their systems running smoothly every season. 

Heater Maintenance, Now? 

You might think that it’s too early to turn on your heater since we still have a few weeks of warm weather. Although, as your air conditioner turns on less and less, it’s the perfect time to get things checked. Your systems typically don’t go straight from one to another. There’s a few weeks or even a month that can go by without turning on your heater. 

Heater Common Problems 

Things can go wrong when the heater sits around all year only to get used for a short time in our El Paso weather. We see this commonly in our area. We find a number of issues if you don’t get your heater checked on at least once a year, before or after the season. From dirty filters, typical wear and tear, frequent cycling with a failure to heat are some of the main issues. This can all lead to loud noises coming from your heater and regular malfunctions. Your heater will also perform slower than usual during some of the coldest months. 

Don’t Wait For Problems 

Ensuring your system can perform up to par every season will mean you can worry less and stay comfortable. Knowing the condition of your air conditioner at the end of the season will help prepare you for the following year in case anything needs to get replaced or worked on. The same thing goes for your heater. Checking it on this time of transitions will help you if something needs to get fixed before it gets colder. We know our weather can go all over the place and drop in temperature very quickly. 

Omega Can Helo With Heater Maintenance

We want to help you save time, money, and the stress of maintenance problems. Check-ups can expand the life of your system, and a few dollars now will save you a whole lot more in the long run. Omega Electrical can schedule your maintenance check-up today so make sure you’re ready for the winter!