What Is Your Air Filter For And When To Replace It

What Is Your Air Filter For And When To Replace It

Senior caucasian man changing a folded dirty air filter in the HVAC furnace system in basement of home

Your air filter serves as probably one of the most essential parts of your air conditioning unit. Several things come into play with how your air filter can affect your daily life. From financial to health impacts, it’s time for you to start putting this into your budget to make sure that you’re living the best you can at home. 

What’s An Air Filter For?

Well, the name is all in the title really.  It doesn’t matter where you live. If you’re pumping your air conditioner in the summer, then you’re going to need to replace your filters at some point. They help keep down your electricity bill by allowing the cold air to flow through your vent and your home properly. If you live in a windy location, or with pets of any sort, it’s a necessity. 

If you’re unsure about whether they need changing or not, take some of these things into consideration. 

When Did You Last Change Your Air Filter?

If you can’t even remotely remember when your air filter was last changed, then go change it. Especially if you’re a homeowner, you should keep track of your filter and try to log when it was last changed for reference. If you rent, depending on your landlord, they may change it themselves. So, give them a call and see what you can work out. 

Higher Bills 

If your electric bill has started to creep up throughout the summer, this could be a factor. Although electricity bills vary on many different things, this is a great first start. With air flowing better in your home, your unit will click on less and less as it provides better air quality and circulation. 

Dust And Allergies

A big wake-up call that your air filter needs changing is judging how your allergies have been lately. Sudden allergic reactions can point directly to your air filter. If you have pets, then their dirt and hair end up getting circulated throughout your home, making it harder for you to clear up. This can affect your sleep and just everyday function.

Omega Electrical Is Here

If you’re unsure of how to change out your air filter or need some expert advice or if it’s become a real problem, give us a call. Here at Omega Electrical, we service AC units and can upgrade, maintain, and repair your at-home unit. Don’t wait another day, call us today!