HVAC Maintenance Tips For Spring 2021

HVAC Maintenance Tips For Spring 2021

With spring just around the corner in the Sun City, the temperature has been slowly climbing. This means that dormant air conditioning systems are coming back to life all across the desert city, as they are called to battle sweltering heat once more. However, without attention to detail and proper maintenance, your HVAC system may not be up to the task this season. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the various ways that you can ensure your A/C is ready for action all spring and summer long! 

Schedule A Maintenance Appointment

Okay, this may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s simply too important to overlook. One of the best times to have your HVAC system checked is between major seasonal changes. Specifically, the switch between winter and spring, as well as between summer and fall are normally good times. 

With a professional maintenance appointment, you can have various systems checked by a professional and have potential issues checked early on before they become costly repairs. 

Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Over the fall and winter seasons, there may be dust and mold in the ducts. As you use your A/C, that dust, mold, and allergens could contaminate your air. By having your ducts professionally cleaned, you can clear out much of the harmful allergens and use your A/C with confidence. 

Consider A Smart Thermostat

Looking for an improvement option that can save you money and be beneficial to the environment? A smart thermostat may be a good addition just in time for spring. Smart thermostats are often easier to use and can use smart technology to keep your energy bill down. 

Check For Air Leaks 

Even if your HVAC system is working beautifully, it won’t matter if you are leaking that cool air back outside. Before the sweltering Southwest heat comes back in full, try to inspect your home for air leaks. 

By getting these air leaks taken care of, you can save money and energy on cooling by keeping it in your home. 

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