Why Swamp Coolers Are Still Popular

Why Swamp Coolers Are Still Popular

In our local El Paso region, we often come across homes that don’t want to use refrigerated air in their homes and use swamp coolers instead. This is primarily because of the climate we have year-round. Refrigerated air comes in handy for humid areas, and sure, it does great with our dry heat as well. In fact, the hotter it is, the better off you are with refrigerated air. 

Places like Arizona need to have strong A/C because of the extreme heat they get all year practically. Places like Austin, Texas, need refrigerated air due to the high humidity they have during the summer mixed with Texas heat. So, why does a city like El Paso seem to be the one in the middle not jumping on the A/C train? 

How Swamp Coolers Work 

Since El Paso is a low humidity area, swamp coolers are ideal in a sense. They work by pushing air over a wet pad which evaporates and cools down the air. It adds moisture to the air to create some humidity. So, places that already have a lot of humidity aren’t very ideal since they counteract the purpose. They work best in places that have less than 15% humidity on average. If the area’s humidity exceeds 30%, then the swamp cooler will struggle to create any effect. So, in the desert region we’re in, a swamp cooler does perform adequately. 

Swamp coolers are also very energy efficient. Compared to an air conditioner, they use maybe 15-30 percent of the electricity needed for an A/C unit. However, they require a steady supply of water to keep running. This could be a difficult thing to consider for places that have a short water supply. 

Then Why Get An A/C Unit?

Well, an air conditioner will transfer heat out of your home. Heat gets drawn through a vent inside of your home and then absorbed by the refrigerant, which changes from liquid to a gas and then through a compressor. The compressor then uses pressure to raise the temperature of the refrigerant. It then goes through the condenser, typically outside, to help absorb the heat. As the refrigerant cools, it turns back into a liquid and will repeat the process.

Omega Electric Emerges From The Swamp

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