Common FAQs for Electricians — Part 1

Common FAQs for Electricians — Part 1

We all rely on electricity. Electricity fuels several of our everyday tasks, such as cooking, washing, among many others! When problems arise, it can be difficult to know what to do. Of course, you should always leave it up to the professional to address the problem. Still, there’s nothing with learning about what different scenarios and problems could say about your electrical system. 

Here, at Omega Electric, our work is fully dedicated to helping our customers. Whatever questions or concerns you may have, you can run to us! We start out by looking at some common FAQS. 

Is my wiring up to date?

It can be hard to identify whether or not your wiring is up to date at first glance. It always takes a professional to be able to tell you if your wiring needs maintenance or is in perfect condition. Older homes, dating from the 1920s to the 1960s, are out of date and require new wiring. If your home was made sometime between 1920 and 1960, you should call a professional to assess your systems. 

Why do my light bulbs go out?

There could be several answers to this question. Light bulbs frequently blowing out can be a sign of overheating. Where there is poor airflow, heat is bound to build-up surrounding the light bulbs, causing them to burst. It could also be possible that there are loose connections throughout the house, and you may need to add more branch circuits. All of these potential reasons are fire hazards. 

Why do fuses or breakers trip?

The most common cause of trips is when several appliances are being used. For example, you could have the air conditioner running while using the microwave, stove (if it is electrical), plug-in appliances, etc. If this happens in your home, try unplugging devices or appliances if they are not being used. Sometimes, it can also be caused by a branch circuit. Therefore, it’s best to have a professional come in and take a look to find the source of the problem. 

What is an arc breaker?

An arc breaker is a system that is designed to sense arcing in a circuit. Arcing is the sparking between two conductors, which can lead to a fire. Regular breakers may not be able to sense arcing, which is why arc breakers are recommended. Arc breakers will shut your system down if arcing is sensed in order to prevent fire hazards. 

Stay Tuned for Part 2!

We had so many FAQs that we decided to split the list into two blogs! Stay tuned for our next blog post to learn even more about your home’s electrical system. As always, choose Omega Electric for all your electrical needs!