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5 Tips For Keeping Your Energy Bill Down

The world is, in many ways, a shadow of its once-bustling self. The cacophony of cars and concerts, restaurants and parks, has been traded for more deafening silence. It’s been an adjustment for many, suddenly spending several more hours at home. While you may be saving money in gas, you’re likely having to spend more […]

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The Dangers of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are beautiful and are always fun to see as you drive through your neighborhood, but if they aren’t placed properly, in a safe area, and are forgotten, they are potentially very dangerous. Fires during the holiday season should be reserved for fireplaces only. Here are some ways to keep your home beautiful, festive, […]

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Inspection and Detection | How an Electrician Can Keep Your Home Safe

If you live in an old home or you are having electrical problems you may want to consider calling an electrician. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, fire departments in the U.S. respond to over about 25,900 electrical home fires. These fires cause 280 deaths and $1.1 billion of property loss. These numbers are especially […]

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