5 Tips For Keeping Your Energy Bill Down

5 Tips For Keeping Your Energy Bill Down

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The world is, in many ways, a shadow of its once-bustling self. The cacophony of cars and concerts, restaurants and parks, has been traded for more deafening silence. It’s been an adjustment for many, suddenly spending several more hours at home.

While you may be saving money in gas, you’re likely having to spend more money on the other end in electricity costs. If you’re having that issue, don’t fret—the experts have arrived with some tips to keep those costs down too. Enjoy our latest blog with tips on keeping your energy bill down while you practice social distancing!

Invest In LED Light Bulbs

LED lightbulbs are an excellent way to slowly shave down your energy bill. On average, just changing 5 of your bulbs could mean up to $75 saved per year. We suggest you change as many lightbulbs in your home as you can to reap the benefits.

Find Gaps, Cracks, And Leaks

In every home, there are gaps, cracks, and leaks that mean your home is bleeding money. How? The money that you spend to make your home warm or cold slips out of your home, keeping your home from reaching the desired temperature and wasting money along the way.

By simply chalking those gaps, cracks, and leaks closed, you can send hundreds of dollars over the course of your HVAC system’s lifespan.

Close The Blinds!

If you want to stay cool during the spring and summer heat, you’ll want to close those blinds. That’s because the sunlight seeping into your home can actually heat up rooms and make your HVAC system work harder to achieve your desired temperature.

Conversely, if you want to warm up your home, open up the blinds. By using the natural heat of the sun, you can use less energy to heat your home and keep dollar bills in your wallet.

Making Turning Off Lights A Habit

It’s easy to forget about lights as you navigate your home, but make sure you turn off those lights! Leaving lights on in the home is a huge money waster, so be sure to flick the switch as you leave the room.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

One of the best ways to reliably save money is to schedule regular maintenance for your home. As we use our HVAC systems, they can deteriorate over time and lose their efficiency. That lost efficiency translates to lost money in energy costs and potentially costly repairs if left unchecked.

Choose Omega For Your Energy Needs

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