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Advancements in Refrigerated Air & How It’s Improved Over Time

Imagine for a second your life without air conditioning. No cooling in your home and none in your car. The idea of sitting on I-10 heavy traffic with no air conditioner in the middle of July is a little worrisome. Lucky for us, refrigerated air has made incredible strides in 2019. People have been looking […]

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How Smart Technology is Changing the Way We Think About HVAC

Smart home technology is taking the world by storm. Today, we have a hard time going through the day without the use of some smart technology. It usually comes in a rectangular-ish shape that is about 5 inches long and 3-4 inches wide. This device goes in our pocket and takes up way too much […]

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Converting to Refrigerated Air: Why Haven’t You Done It Yet?

Air conditioning is a big deal in El Paso, Texas. Depending on how you’re keeping your home cool during the summer, you need to be aware of the better ways to achieve and maintain comfort within your home. If you have a swamp cooler, you may want to consider AC conversions from Omega Electrical and […]

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