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Swamp Coolers Vs. Refrigerated Air

When choosing how to cool your home, it comes down to a swamp cooler or refrigerated air. Despite some media suggesting refrigerated is better in every conceivable way, there are advantages and disadvantages to both systems. In this article, we’ll lay out the main differences between both systems so you can make an informed decision […]

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The Trouble With Swamp Coolers

As the hot weather in El Paso creeps closer you may be dreading switching on that swamp cooler again. Perhaps it’s the expensive pads or the endless maintenance that you are not looking forward to. If you are considering making the move to refrigerated air you are on the right track. With affordable financing options, […]

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Converting to Refrigerated Air: Why Haven’t You Done It Yet?

Air conditioning is a big deal in El Paso, Texas. Depending on how you’re keeping your home cool during the summer, you need to be aware of the better ways to achieve and maintain comfort within your home. If you have a swamp cooler, you may want to consider AC conversions from Omega Electrical and […]

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