3 Easy Ways to Save on Energy Consumption

3 Easy Ways to Save on Energy Consumption

father working from home on his laptop as his daughter watches with the sun shining through the windowWhen the we ushered in the new decade on January 1st, 2020, no one had any inkling as to what this year would have in store for us. Although there were already quiet rumblings of a novel coronavirus as early as January from the World Health Organization, it would be impossible to guess how the world would look in six months. Now it’s June, we’re basically halfway through the year and COVID-19 still has a stranglehold on the world’s nations. Our way of life has changed drastically. Whether you’ve gone from working in an office to working remotely in your spare bedroom or you’re still going into your workplace, we’re all spending more time at home these days. With spending more time indoors comes more energy usage. Perhaps you’ve noticed your electricity bill took quite a drastic hike. Well, we’re here to provide a few tips to help you save energy and electricity while at home. Omega Electrical & Mechanical is here to help take care of any electrical issues you may be facing.

Tip #1) Be Conscious of Your Home Office’s Power Usage

There are quite a few industries that smoothly transitioned from office to home. But as convenient as waking up five minutes before clocking in might be, it’s necessary to be conscious of the fact that you’re using more energy now than you would be using if you’d still be working at the office. At the office, you don’t have to worry about the power supply or electrical bills. But at home, that’s a whole other issue. At the end of the day, remember to shut your computer down. Setting it to “sleep” will still cause it to take power and electricity. Remember to shut it down during the weekend, as well. An idle computer still uses power so if you’re not using it, then why keep it on? If your home office has a printer, fax machine, or any other office appliance, make sure to unplug them when they’re not needed. These appliances use what is known as standby power, even if they’re turned off. Only plug your printer if you need to use it. Once you’re done printing, unplug it!

Tip #2) Use the Appropriate Lightbulbs

Depending on your home’s positioning, you may be able to use natural light throughout the workday. Simply open your blinds and let some light shine in, instead of using lightbulbs. If this option isn’t available and you have to use lightbulbs, then make sure to use energy-efficient options such as CFL bulbs. They might be a bit pricier than their more generic counterparts but they can save you hundreds of dollars in energy savings in the long run.

┬áTip #3) Use Powerstrips to Easily Unplug Devices You’re Not Currently Using

Many devices and appliances, such as your television or microwave, still use power even if they’re turned off. By plugging in all your entertainment systems to a powerstrip, you can simply flick a switch when you’re not using them to save energy. Then, if you’re ready to relax after a long day of work, you can easily flick the switch back to on to watch television, play video games, or listen to music! If it’s plugged in, odds are it’s using power, even if the screen is shut off.

Omega Electrical & Mechanical is Ready to Help

These tips are useful year-round, not just right now. If you’ve already implemented these tips but your electrical bill remains high, something else might be going on. This is where our electrical services come into play. Give us a call today to learn more about our electrical services.