Swamp Cooler Vs. Refrigerated Air – Why Make The Switch?

Swamp Cooler Vs. Refrigerated Air – Why Make The Switch?

Hot weather in summer overheat home roof from sun burn.

Why convert your swamp cooler to a refrigerated system? There’s a considerable difference between swamp coolers and refrigerated air. So much so that you can feel the difference the moment you walk into a room. There are a few things to understand to help you make a choice, and living in the desert makes it almost a no brainer. 

Emerging From The Swamp

Swamp coolers are still a big thing within our local community. Mainly because they seem affordable, but it pretty much stops there. Swamp coolers work by pushing air cooled by water throughout your house. As the water begins to evaporate in the cooler, it starts to cool down the air blowing throughout your home. 

Unfortunately, the swamp cooler can only cool down your home about 10-20 degrees from the temperature outside. So, those brutal days when the temperature hits above 95 and into the 100s, you’re just going to blow around hot air. This makes it hard to keep your electricity bill down when your swamp cooler clicks on every 15-20 minutes because of the temperature. It won’t matter how much you want it to cool things down. The fact is, it can’t. Humidity also makes a difference. When it gets humid the day after a lovely night rain, it reduces the effectiveness of your swamp cooler.

Refrigerated Doesn’t Mean Icey and Expensive

There’s speculation that refrigerated air can feel too cold. Well, that all depends on what you have your thermostat set to every day. Refrigerated air removes the heat from the room, making it easier to set the temperature to where you want it. Swamp coolers can feel nice because of the evaporated water reaching your skin. Although, they don’t take the heat out of the room like refrigerated air. 

There’s also a lot of worries about electric bills skyrocketing with refrigerated air. The best way to keep control of your energy bills is to be mindful of how you use your refrigeration. By keeping it at one consistent temperature all day and not messing with it does prove to show a more stable bill. You can also look into a more updated smart thermostat where you can control the temperature on your phone. 

So, Where Do I Make The Switch From A Swamp Cooler? 

Here at Omega Electrical, we make it simple to switch your swamp cooler to refrigerated air. We’ll walk you through the process and look over your home to see what exactly needs to be done to upgrade. As our summer heat rises every year, now is the time to make the switch. Contact us today for any questions you may have.