What’s In An Ohm, Anyway? Electricity 101

What’s In An Ohm, Anyway? Electricity 101

It’s no secret that our name is based on ohms, the electrical symbol, but what is an ohm anyway? Given how connected our world is by the power of electricity, it would be better if more people understood the technology and inner workings of the devices that power our modern world.

In our first installment of Electricity 101, we’re going to discuss ohms and the surrounding concepts so you have a slightly better idea of the forces behind your favorite gadgets and gizmos!

What Is An Ohm?

An ohm, commonly denoted with the 𝛺 symbol, is an electrical unit used to define electrical resistance. Electricity has three basic units: voltage (V), current (I), and resistance (R). Ohm’s law, a fundamental electrical relationship, states that I = V/R. From this equation, with some conversions, you can derive resistance in ohms (𝛺 = V/A, where V equals volts and A equals amperes).

If that’s a little complex, then the example of flowing water is a great way to understand the concept. Imagine that you need to water your garden with a regular garden hose. The water pressure can be equated to voltage, and the diameter of the hose can be directly tied to resistance. If you increase the diameter of the hose, more water can come out at once. This would be akin to decreasing resistance in an electrical system.

Why Is Resistance Important In An Electrical System?

At a glance, you may be wondering why don’t all electrical systems reduce resistance as much as possible. Well, the reason is that resistance actually has solid uses. In fact, without resistance turning some electrical energy into heat, we wouldn’t have light bulbs, electric heaters, and other devices.

Resistors can also protect your device and its components from voltage spikes that could damage them. If we go back to our water hose example, it becomes clear why you may not always want the maximum amount of water flow possible depending on your specific needs.

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If you’ve made it to the end of our brief blog, we hope that this sparks a desire to learn more about electricity! It’s a wonderful world full of cool things to learn and experience. But, if you need the pros to handle something for your home or business, look no further than the pros at Omega!