Holiday Decorating Electrical Safety Tips  

Holiday Decorating Electrical Safety Tips  

Christmas is this week and while most people have already put up lights and decorations, it’s never too late to practice electrical safety. In fact, Christmas trees are the cause of approximately 200 house fires each year. With that being said, there is no such thing as being too safe with your Christmas decorations. Considering most Christmas decorations require electricity or batteries, safety concerns arise. Here at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors, we want you and your family to have nothing but a safe and happy holiday. Keep reading to learn more about how to achieve exactly that.

Check the Condition of Your Lights 

When you unravel your lights and plug them in, you should look for burned-out lights, frayed wires, and broken bulbs. Coming into contact with these endangers can lead to serious accidents. If you want to be able to use these same light fixtures, replace bulbs and repair the wires as soon as you can before plugging them in. 

Turn Lights Off When You Can

Electricity bills tend to shoot up during the wintertime with all the holiday decorations and lights. With your lights on all night, not only do you face an expensive electricity bill, but your decorations could overheat and potentially lead to an electrical fire. Before heading to bed, turn off Christmas lights to avoid these situations from happening. You can also look into using decorations that are equipped with timers. 

Don’t Overload Outlets 

You don’t want to be using so many wires and cords in one outlet. Even in the middle of the cold months, this can lead to overheating and fire hazards. Try to make light strands distributed evenly and not all in one extension cord or outlet. Even your extension cord has a limit, so this is something to be mindful of before plugging in all of your Christmas lights and decorations. 

Carefully Place Your Christmas Tree

It is recommended to place your tree approximately three feet away from any heat sources. Should a fire break out, it can spread faster if a Christmas tree is nearby. It is also recommended to not use any string lights or electronic ornaments if you have an artificial tree as this can cause overheating and overwork the outlet you are using to power your tree. 

Take Lights Down Early, Prolong the Life of Your Decorations 

While Christmas lights are a dreamy sight, taking them down early could help prolong the life of your decorations. The more you use them and the more you have them on, they tend to wear out faster. If you want to sustain the life of your decorations, consider taking them down the first week going into January. 

Need Professional Assistance? Choose Us! 

The holidays are best spent when you know you can enjoy them safely. Should you have any other concerns about your electrical use this holiday season, you can trust us to provide professional assistance. Contact us to learn more.