Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Swamp Cooler to a Refrigerated Air Unit

Top 5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Swamp Cooler to a Refrigerated Air Unit

There are several reasons why you should consider refrigerated air conversion. Swamp coolers and refrigerated air units differ in many ways. One difference is that swamp coolers are often offered in older models. As a result, refrigerated air has almost completely replaced swamp coolers. Refrigerated air is a much more efficient and cost-effective choice between the two. Refrigerated air is the way to go when looking for a cost-friendly option that will also provide cool and clean air. 

Less Water Usage 

Making the switch to refrigerated air can help when it comes to your utility bills. Refrigerated air units do not have to use water like swamp coolers. In turn, you don’t have to worry about high water bills with less water usage. You should consider undergoing refrigerated air conversion to save water and keep your water bill at bay come summertime

Energy Efficiency 

Most people who have swamp coolers have older models. These models have to work harder to keep your home cool. New HVAC units are designed to help you save energy and spend less on utility bills! This not only drives water bills but drives your electricity usage.

Filters Out Pollutants 

Pollutants are harmful to us all, but they can significantly affect those who suffer from allergies. Common ozone and particle pollutants include: 

  • Gas 
  • Diesel
  • Burning wood
  • Dust 
  • Dirt 
  • Soot 

If you or a family member suffers from these respiratory problems, consider switching to a new HVAC unit. A new AC unit will filter and recirculate indoor air to drive pollutants away. You and your family can experience immediate relief by switching from a swamp cooler to refrigerated air. 

Increased Home Value 

Do you ever think about selling your home? Well, when you do, you’ll have to install some upgrades around your home. One major upgrade would have to be your HVAC. It is very rare to walk into a home that is cooled by a swamp cooler. People now look for refrigerated air when moving into a new home. Your home immediately goes up in value when you make this simple upgrade.

Cooler and Cleaner Air, Overall 

The best part about refrigerated air conversion is that a new unit promises better air quality than a swamp cooler could ever provide. Swamp coolers are less effective during monsoon season because they add humidity. More humidity in your home will make it feel warmer than it actually is. A new HVAC unit does the opposite! Refrigerated air removes humidity from your home, promising more comfort and less moisture. 

Switch From a Swamp Cooler to Refrigerated Air with Omega Electrical 

Omega Electrical is proud to provide residents of El Paso with enhanced and improved air quality. We know just how hot the summers get, but you can stay cool all season long with refrigerated air! Contact us today at (915) 855-6868 to get an estimate or to learn more about our HVAC services.