5 Ways To Prepare Your Commercial AC For The El Paso Summer

5 Ways To Prepare Your Commercial AC For The El Paso Summer

The best way to prepare yourself to face the heat this summer is by following up on commercial HVAC maintenance. It’s important to maintain comfort for you, your employees, and most importantly, your customers! Without quality cooling in your commercial property, you’ll experience a rough summer. You can start with some very simple and basic commercial HVAC maintenance tasks to be properly prepared. 

Clean and Clear It Of Debris 

Sometimes, all your commercial AC needs is a good cleaning in order to run correctly. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your AC, chances are there is a good buildup of dirt and debris. When you do decide to clean your unit, give special care and attention to the following parts: 

  • Condenser
  • Drain 
  • Blower’s fan blades
  • Cleaning up excess water 

Replace the Filter 

Basic commercial HVAC maintenance should include replacing your air filter regularly, not just when the summer heat comes into town. As a good rule of thumb, your air filter should be replaced once dust begins to create a film. With that being said, you should be regularly checking up on your filter. 

Check the Coolant 

Coolant or refrigerant runs from the AC’s evaporator to the condenser on the outside unit. These lines are usually equipped with foam insulation to protect the coolant line. Insulation can wear down over time, so checking for missing material can help you act accordingly. If this is the case, you should replace the insulation as soon as possible. 

Program Your Smart Thermostat 

Needless to say, your employees and customers will be occupying your commercial property for the majority of the time during the summer. Because of this, you’ll have to have your AC running regularly. Although, you can set your thermostat to turn off when the building is closed to save on electricity and utility bills. 

Clean the Fins on the Outside Unit 

Once you have taken care of cleaning your indoor unit, you can then focus on clearing your outdoor unit. You can start by removing the grill and washing out any loose dirt or debris on the fit. You can also use this time to clean the condenser coil. 

Get Ready to Battle the El Paso Heat with Our Professionals 

Commercial HVAC maintenance is designed to help you get the most out of your unit. To learn more about how to get your unit ready for El Paso summers, you can give us a call at (915) 855-6868 to schedule an appointment.