5 Signs That Your El Paso A/C Needs Repair This Summer

5 Signs That Your El Paso A/C Needs Repair This Summer

An A/C repairman performing maintenance on a broken air conditioning unit.If you’ve lived in El Paso for any amount of time, you’ll know that the city can feel sweltering in the summertime. Right now, El Paso is facing consistent 100+ degree weather, so working air conditioning is a must. Even with relatively low humidity, high heat levels can be uncomfortable and even deadly. 

If your A/C isn’t working up to par, but you aren’t sure if repair is needed, we can help! Check out our latest Omega blog to see some of our most common signs that you need your A/C repaired

1) Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Warm Air

The most obvious sign that your air conditioning may need some repair is your A/C blowing hot air. With scorching hot weather, the last thing that you need to deal with is your own A/C working against you. If you notice hot air blowing, you should quickly call a professional HVAC team. 

Warm air blowing out of your air conditioning unit can often point to a refrigerant leak in your system. Without refrigerant, your A/C can’t cool the air. 

2) The Thermostat Isn’t Work Properly

If your thermostat isn’t responding to inputs, it could be that your thermostat or HVAC system isn’t working. It is even worse if your thermostat is “rogue,” meaning it randomly changes temperatures or modes. This can drastically increase your bills or simply make you uncomfortable in your own home. 

3) You Hear Loud or Strange Noises

Air conditioning systems can be a bit noisy when they are operating, but hearing very loud or abnormal sounds may indicate trouble. Sometimes certain components aren’t working properly, leading to knocking, grating, or other issues. Don’t ignore these sounds because they could be signs of major problems. 

4) Your Energy Bill Is Skyrocketing

One telltale sign that your air conditioner may not be working optimally is a sky-high energy bill. If your energy bill is increasing, but your energy use and rates are steady, then your A/C may be losing efficiency. Nearly all aspects of your system could be to blame, including the following: 

  • Air filters
  • A/C coils 
  • Motor
  • Ducts 

When you need quality air conditioning repair in El Paso, we can help you fix your A/C system and keep more money in your pocket. 

5) Poor Airflow

Lastly, another easy-to-spot sign that your A/C needs repair is poor airflow. If you aren’t plumbing enough air through your home over time, you won’t be able to cool or warm your home. 

Airflow issues can typically be explained by one or more of the following HVAC problems: 

  • Not enough return air vents
  • Your ducts are leaking
  • Your duct runs are poorly installed, disconnected, or crushed
  • Your ductwork is not the right size
  • Your filters aren’t clean 

An experienced HVAC team can help you diagnose the issues with your ductwork and quickly address them. 

Choose Omega For Your El Paso A/C Repair! 

Since 2004, the Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors team has offered El Paso heating and cooling services to homes and businesses. This summer, choose a trusted team with nearly two decades of experience in the Sun City. 

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