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Why You Should Always Leave Air Conditioning Repairs to the Pros

Every homeowner eventually experiences an unplanned failure of their HVAC system. In the midst of it all, you might be tempted to go online and watch a how-to video on how to diagnose and repair the air conditioning issue on your own. The only problem is that it may go wrong if you don’t have […]

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Why Swamp Coolers are Still So Popular in El Paso

In El Paso, people still refuse to use high-tech ACs and instead go for traditional swamp coolers that provide refrigerated air. The reason is primarily because of the hot and humid temperature in El Paso that continues all year round. Refrigerated air comes in handy for hot and humid areas like El Paso, which is […]

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5 Signs That Your El Paso A/C Needs Repair This Summer

If you’ve lived in El Paso for any amount of time, you’ll know that the city can feel sweltering in the summertime. Right now, El Paso is facing consistent 100+ degree weather, so working air conditioning is a must. Even with relatively low humidity, high heat levels can be uncomfortable and even deadly.  If your […]

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