Why Swamp Coolers are Still So Popular in El Paso

Why Swamp Coolers are Still So Popular in El Paso

A swamp cooler installed on the roof of a home in El Paso.In El Paso, people still refuse to use high-tech ACs and instead go for traditional swamp coolers that provide refrigerated air. The reason is primarily because of the hot and humid temperature in El Paso that continues all year round.

Refrigerated air comes in handy for hot and humid areas like El Paso, which is why swamp coolers provide a cooling effect in extreme dry heat. Swamp coolers are still popular because they work by pushing the air over a cooling pad that evaporates and cools down the air. 

To create humidity, it adds moisture to the available air. They are ideal for places with an average humidity of less than 15%. If the humidity of an area exceeds 30%, a swamp cooler will not be able to serve its purpose. This s is why it works perfectly in a desert-like temperature in El Paso. 

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In addition to this, here are some reasons why swamp coolers are still so popular in El Paso:

  • Effective and Simple to Operate

Swamp coolers are environment-friendly because they use natural air and water to work. They are simple machines made with only a few essential parts. These parts are simple, so they take up very less energy and require less power to run. 

Unlike the hi-tech ACs that are tricky and complicated to operate, swamp coolers can be performed by anyone and are very basic to use. 

  • An Affordable Option 

Swamp coolers are made up of basic parts and are quite affordable. This is also one more reason why swamp coolers are so popular. Who doesn’t want a cooling machine that costs so less? 

Not only are swamp coolers affordable to purchase, but also very cheap to maintain as well. If any problem or part malfunction occurs, you can replace it in a low amount. With fewer complications to this machine, it won’t cost you much for maintenance or service.

  • Ensures Durability

Swamp coolers require low maintenance, which is why they are durable and can last a lifetime without any significant issues. People opt for swamp coolers because no one wants to maintain complicated, intricate machinery that could get damaged or stop working any other day. 

Swamp coolers are durable and do not need to be changed or repaired every other year, which makes them the ultimate choice for people in El Paso.

  • Ensures Clean Air

Swamp coolers also remove dirty and dormant air from your house, replacing it with new and fresh air. This is a great option overall, but even greater if you have patients with allergies or asthma at home. This option is missing in many newer AC technologies as they continuously use the dirty air and circulate it round and round.  

Swamp Cooler Repair in El Paso

El Paso is extremely hot and humid, and the temperature is the same throughout the year. This is why swamp coolers are still very popular in the city. With more added benefits, it is the best choice if you want an affordable, easy-to-operate, and durable air conditioning machine. 

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