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Toasty Tips For Staying Warm This Texas Winter

This winter in El Paso has been interesting, to say the least. One minute it’s near 70 degrees, and the next there’s a blanket of snow enveloping the city. We love snow as much as the next company, but we can’t make heads or tails of the weather lately! One thing that has been consistent […]

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Keeping Your Home Comfortable This Holiday Season

The holidays are here, which means you may be expecting guests in your home for a period of time. While it may not be as cold in El Paso as it is in other areas of the country, it can be cold for us, which means our heating and cooling systems have their work cut […]

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Simple Tips On Keeping Your Home Warm During the Winter

Living in El Paso can lure people into a false sense of security. The weather tends to remain the same so often that we feel truly bamboozled when a cold front comes our way. Now that we’re deep in the throes of winter, it’s time to prepare for the inevitable cold that will eventually permeate […]

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