Toasty Tips For Staying Warm This Texas Winter

Toasty Tips For Staying Warm This Texas Winter

This winter in El Paso has been interesting, to say the least. One minute it’s near 70 degrees, and the next there’s a blanket of snow enveloping the city. We love snow as much as the next company, but we can’t make heads or tails of the weather lately!

One thing that has been consistent is that we have seen some pretty cold temperatures, with huge gusts of wind to make it feel even chillier. Over the years, we’ve amassed a few tips to keep warm without skyrocketing your electrical bill, and we thought this was a great time to share a few.

Keep warm and toasty with the latest batch of HVAC tips from Omega Electrical and Mechanical Contractors! 

Smarter, Not Harder: Let The Heat Flow

Perhaps the easiest way to make sure you’re getting the most heat for your buck is to keep doors open in your home. When doors are closed throughout the house, your system has to work even harder to reach the desired temperature. 

In addition to keeping doors open, be sure to check all the vents to make sure they aren’t closed or pointing right at furniture that will absorb all the heat. 

Sunlight: Let Mother Nature Help Out 

An option just as cheap as the one above is simply open the blinds and let the sunlight flow in. Revolutionary, right?

little boy and dog look out the window

Sunlight is an absolutely free way to heat a home, but too many people seem to forget the simple but effective tip. Sunlight is great for your health, too, so be sure to get your daily dose of it! 

Bonus tip: Double-paned windows are a great investment to better insulate your home and keep the warm air your heater generates from escaping. 

Space Heaters For More Direct Heat

We all know that space heaters are great when there’s an issue with the heater, but using space heaters regularly can be a great way to save money as well. If you are only using one or two rooms or are only a little chilly, use a space heater to get the warmth you need at a fraction of the cost. 

Keep Your Humidity Levels Up 

Anyone who’s lived in a humid place knows that the heat can be unbearable at times. But did you know that humidity levels in your home can be used to your advantage?

A home that isn’t very humid will be harder to make feel warm, so aiming for 30 to 50 percent humidity can be an excellent way to make the house feel warmer than it actually is. 

Maintain Your Heating System With Omega Electrical & Mechanical Engineering! 

The best tip we can offer is to have regular maintenance done on your home. A well-maintained heating system remains efficient, meaning good heat and great savings throughout its lifespan. 

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