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4 Summer AC Tips To Keep Your Home Cool

With summer in full swing, many of us are blasting the AC more than any other time of the year. As it stays on for most of the day and night, it’s important to keep the proper maintenance needed for such an important system. We have some simple tips and suggestions for you to watch […]

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Swamp Cooler Vs. Refrigerated Air – Why Make The Switch?

Why convert your swamp cooler to a refrigerated system? There’s a considerable difference between swamp coolers and refrigerated air. So much so that you can feel the difference the moment you walk into a room. There are a few things to understand to help you make a choice, and living in the desert makes it […]

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Signs Your Air Conditioning is Having Issues

Summer is finally here and that means that most people have or will have their air conditioning on full blast all day, every day. Whether it is making noises or not cooling as well as it should, it is not the time of year you want to have a problem with your air conditioner. There […]

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