Breaking Down the Myths of Converting to Refrigerated Air

Breaking Down the Myths of Converting to Refrigerated Air

Frozen girl under a powerful air conditionerRefrigerated air is the future, but there are still some ill-informed myths floating around on the internet out there. Contrary to the myths out there, refrigerated air is actually a good investment for your home. If you’re looking to convert to refrigerated air, Omega Electrical in El Paso can help. Now, let’s debunk some of the most popular myths so you can be confident in your next investment.

Myth #1: Converting to Refrigerated Air is Bad for the Environment

Once upon a time, it was thought to believe that the chemical Freon—which is used in refrigerated air conditioning units—was bad for the environment. More specifically, that it was bad for the atmosphere because it released harmful chemicals and contaminants into the air. While this may have been true at one point, Freon has since been updated and improved to no longer do this. Now, refrigerated air is actually a lot better for the environment than swamp coolers. This is because, refrigerated air conditioning units are more energy efficient and can save a lot of energy use, which is really great for mother nature.

Myth #2: Refrigerated Air Will Make My Home an Igloo

One great thing about converting to refrigerated air is that you don’t have to worry about the weather outside affecting the temperature inside your home—like you would with a swamp cooler. But many people worry that by converting to refrigerated air, their home will be uncontrollably freezing. While a refrigerated air conditioning unit can make your home super cold if you want it to, it’s all under your control. If you’re freezing cold, just adjust the thermostat and the temperature in your home will adjust instantly.

Myth #3: Refrigerated Air Conditioning Units Don’t Require Maintenance

This is probably the most detrimental myth out there. Somehow, somewhere along the way, a common belief emerged that by upgrading to refrigerated air conditioning, you’ll never need maintenance again. This isn’t true. While refrigerated air conditioning units are efficient and require less maintenance than swamp coolers, you should still get yearly preventative maintenance performed on it. This will help to catch issues early on, prevent serious issues from happening, clean, and better manage your unit. This way, you can prolong your unit’s lifespan and keep it updated.

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