Battle Your Allergies With These Spring HVAC Tips

Battle Your Allergies With These Spring HVAC Tips

It’s officially springtime in El Paso, and beautiful, sunny days are upon us! The trees and flowers are blooming, and warm desert air is cascading over the city. As the weather gets better, though, the pollen emerges and those of us with allergies go to war with nature.

As HVAC experts, we’re always amazed that people don’t know that a few changes to their HVAC system can significantly reduce their symptoms. In this blog, we’ll discuss some simple ways you can defeat your allergies this season. Well, indoors anyway.

Get A Better Filter

One of the simplest fixes you can make in your home or business is to invest in better filters. A low-quality or dirty filter simply won’t catch all the pollen, bacteria, and other air contaminants that make breathing more difficult.

To find a good filter, the most helpful metric you can use is the MERV rating, which stands minimum efficiency recording value. As the name suggests, this metric basically tells you how efficient a filter is at filtering air that passes through it. The higher the rating, the better the filtration.

High-efficiency filters range from 14 to 20, so a filter in this range will catch the most. It’s important to remember that a better filter means your HVAC system will have to work harder, so factor that into your decision.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

The next best thing you can do to fight your allergies is to schedule regular maintenance for your system. As systems run all year, a whole host of issues could pop up, all reducing the efficiency of your system.

Sneezing woman caught a cold from the air conditioner at home

For air quality in particular, your ducts could be a major culprit in bad air. Contaminants like mold, dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances can sit in your ducts, and slowly be released into your air.

Regular maintenance will catch issues with your system before they get bad, as well as help keep your air ducts clean and clear.

Run Your HVAC Regularly

Keeping your bill down by keeping your HVAC system off? You may want to turn it on every now and again. That’s because stale air can keep contaminants suspended in the air, as well as just make breathing a little more laborious.

A quick fix is just to run your HVAC system for a few minutes periodically, just to get air moving. That can get some fresh, clean air flowing through your home or business.

Invest In An Air Purifier

Even a great air filter may not completely filter your air. Investing in an air purifier is a great way to support the filtration from your HVAC system. Air purifiers catch air and further filter it, giving you and those inside with you clean, healthy air.

UV Lamps Are A High Tech Help

Finally, UV lamps can be a high-tech boost to your clean air crusade. UV lamps kill bacteria and other bioorganisms that may be in your HVAC system and growing. Our team of experts can install UV lamps for you.

Choose Omega To Support Your HVAC System

Now you’re armed with all the tips you need to fight the allergy season. For years, Omega has helped families and businesses stay comfortable and healthy in the Sun City. Contact us today to get one of our technicians to visit!