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Battle Your Allergies With These Spring HVAC Tips

It’s officially springtime in El Paso, and beautiful, sunny days are upon us! The trees and flowers are blooming, and warm desert air is cascading over the city. As the weather gets better, though, the pollen emerges and those of us with allergies go to war with nature. As HVAC experts, we’re always amazed that […]

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A Convenient Way to Manage Your Heating and Cooling

As the seasons change, homeowners around El Paso prepare to make that annual switch from their cooling unit to their heating unit. This means disconnecting water lines, draining evaporative coolers of water, as well as making sure everything is properly stored and covered. When you have separate heating and cooling units, this can be a […]

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Out With the Old, In With the New: HVAC Conversion

If you are tired of your outdated swamp cooler, switching to refrigerated air might be a good choice for your home. An HVAC conversion offers convenience, efficiency, and the latest technology as well. At Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors we offer a free estimate to come inspect your current ductwork and size of your house. […]

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