Why Swamp Coolers Are Still Popular

In our local El Paso region, we often come across homes that don’t want to use refrigerated air in their homes and use swamp coolers instead. This is primarily because of the climate we have year-round. Refrigerated air comes in handy for humid areas, and sure, it does great with our dry heat as well. […]

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Important Tips for Fall HVAC Care 

With the chilly El Paso air enveloping the city, the fall festivities are in full swing. Fall and winter jackets that laid dormant since early spring are making an appearance, and tricks and treats can be found everywhere you go. However, it’s also a time of year where HVAC has to make the crucial shift […]

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A Commercial Electrician for Your HVAC Needs

When you want the best care for your business office or retail center you should call a commercial electrician. This is especially true when you need multiple AC units installed. We offer expert service at Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors. Not only will you get excellent customer service, but our electricians are sure to install […]

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