Out With the Old, In With the New: HVAC Conversion

Out With the Old, In With the New: HVAC Conversion

finger adjusting thermostat If you are tired of your outdated swamp cooler, switching to refrigerated air might be a good choice for your home. An HVAC conversion offers convenience, efficiency, and the latest technology as well. At Omega Electrical & Mechanical Contractors we offer a free estimate to come inspect your current ductwork and size of your house.

Out With the Old

Many people hold on to their swamp coolers for so long because they think that an HVAC conversion is too complicated or expensive. However, swamp coolers come with their own expenses and complications. For one thing, these air conditioners run on a rudimentary system. That is why it is not as pricey to buy them brand new. But, it is necessary to buy new pads on a yearly basis to avoid calcification. The pump often goes out as well and has to be replaced every year or two. Not only that, swamp coolers use outside air that is pushed through wet pads to cool the air in the home. The extra moisture in the house can cause problems in the long run. About two or three windows and doors need to remain cracked while operating the cooler as well.

In With the New

While an HVAC conversion to refrigerated air does have a heavy price tag, the savings add up in the long run. The system will run on a thermostat and turn on and off according to the desired temperature. This feature helps save electricity in your home. Swamp coolers do not have this option. Refrigerated air systems also do not use outside air to cool the home and do not require open doors or windows. These units are often better for people who suffer from allergies. There is also no need to weatherize your home in between seasons. If you have a hot day in the middle of fall, as El Paso often does, it is no problem for a refrigerated air conditioner.

Call us for HVAC Conversion

Our contractors do more than just electrical work. We are experts when it comes switching your home or even your business from a swamp cooler to refrigerated air. We will conduct a full inspection of your home to check out your ductwork. Our experts will give you a recommendation for the right unit for the size of your home. They will also provide a free estimate. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.